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  «Оснований для беспокойства нет»: Минэнерго о возможном строительстве АЭС в Казахстане

“According to the assessment, the forecast balance of the country's electric capacity by 2030 is expected to have a deficit of basic capacity in the south of Kazakhstan to 2.7 GW.

In this regard, the possibility of covering the deficit in the south of the country by entering the base and maneuverable generation using various types of fuel and energy sources, such as the construction of combined-cycle, hydro and nuclear power plants, is being considered, ”the department’s press service reported.

To clarify the economic and technical parameters of a possible nuclear power plant and to select a reactor technology, a marketing section of the Feasibility Study has been developed, which analyzes the generation III + reactor technologies available on the market, and also exchanges information with suppliers of reactor technologies from five countries, including the state-owned Rosatom .

In addition, potential investors are considering options for constructing a maneuverable gas generation in the southern regions of the country, as well as counter-regulators of the Shulbinskaya HPP on the Irtysh River and the Kapshagay hydroelectric station on the Ili River.

“Only after a thorough study of the possibilities and potential of all the proposed projects will the most optimal and acceptable technologies for Kazakhstan for the production of electric energy be determined.

But if a nuclear power plant is chosen to cover the capacity deficit, the decision on its construction will be made after public hearings and coordination with local executive bodies in whose territory the construction of a nuclear power plant can be planned, ”the press service of the Ministry of Energy said and called upon Kazakhstani people to refrain from sudden conclusions and opinions.