Lead Customer Support Specialist


Coordination of the work of specialists of the EP;

Providing full support to the company's client, regardless of the volume that he brought to the company;

Participation in the distribution of applications between specialists of the department according to certain criteria;

Identifying the complexity of the work of managers and eliminating them within their competence;

Preparation of a package of documents with participation in tenders;

Work with incoming requests / requests;

Monitoring the status of receivables and payables of customers / suppliers;

The implementation of the plan by the department together according to the sales plan set by the management of the company;

Execution of all orders of the immediate supervisor (head of the sales department) as well as of higher managers;

Submission of a monthly sales report (number of completed orders, number of approved applications, amount of contracts, sales amount, statistics, etc.);

Interaction with other departments of the company.



Higher economic or technical education;

Experience: at least 2-3 years in the field of sales of electrical products or equipment;

The minimum level of knowledge of English is Intermediate;

Knowledge of prequalification procedures, standards of international companies for work with contractors and subcontractors;

Knowledge of the basics of foreign trade, Incoterms 2010;

Knowledge of the rules, methods and technologies of sales;

The ability to clearly express thoughts, well-delivered oral and written speech (English, Kazakh, Russian);

Ability to work with a large flow of information in multitasking conditions;

Perseverance, stress resistance, the ability to achieve the tasks, attentiveness in the calculations;

Confident PC user: MS Office;

High level of cross-cultural communication;

Willingness to improve their professional and personal qualities.



The trial period: 3 months;

Work schedule: 9: 00-18: 00;

Training in the process;

Teaching English with a carrier after the probation period;

Labor holiday: 24 calendar days;

Business trips - seminars, regional and international exhibitions;

Corporate mobile communications;

Compensation of the medical insurance program after the probation period;

Compensation of 50% of the cost of the annual subscription to Infinity Fitness after the trial period;

Compensation 100% of the cost of food in the office (lunch);

Direct contract with the employer.