A lot of people are wondering: "What does Sigma Solutions mean?", "Why the lightning bolt?", "Why those colors?".
Each element of our brand has its own meaning and we'll try to answer your questions during a small excursion into the history of Sigma Solutions logo creation.
Originally, our logo consisted of the mathematical sign Sigma Σ and an eagle soaring over our planet. The eagle symbolizes freedom and the willingness to deliver the goods anywhere on Earth, while Sigma sign stands for the sum of the elements. Together, the meaning behind "Sigma Solutions" translates into comprehensive solutions to various problems!

  After a rebranding, in 2017, the company logo was transformed, relying on new elements. In it, the lightning symbol defines our speed, and the color scheme of orange and blue represents balance, warmth and trust! Also worth paying attention to the shape of the logo - the soft square reflects stability, loyalty and all-round support.

  Interesting fact: the symbol, underlying our logo, can be found in the pre-Islamic script of one of the earliest Turkic languages - the ancient Turkic, as well as in the Kyok-Turkic runes. Each rune reflects a particular characteristic, object or process. In our case, the rune stands for "Light".
The main idea of the logo of our company is to reflect the main principles and objectives to which we adhere, to build a "bridge", connecting us to the customers before they are introduced to the service. To show what the company stands for!

  The Sigma Solutions logo is therefore an essential element in the corporate identity of the company, serving to identify it and express personal concepts, where every detail has its own meaning. It expresses the personality and character that our company possesses.