The whole world is going through the difficult times today.

The reality that we entered at the beginning of 2020 is quite different from the usual way of life.

But the most important thing in this situation - with a call to do good deeds and be a link in the chain of kindness.

We are very happy with the news that our citizens starting with large companies and ending with individuals are coming to each other's aid.

We have been providing active assistance to medical institutions for the past 3 weeks together with our partners in connection with the sharp increase of disease incidence in the Atyrau region. As part of this project, an assistance plan was developed for Atyrau regional hospital to support the purchase and supply of necessary medical equipment, critical materials and personal protective equipment to provide them to medical workers.

10 units of oxygen concentrates Armed 8F-5AW, which provide the patient with the necessary level of oxygen, were transferred to the hospital in a timely manner in partnership with Dzharbassov Nurasyl.

We would like to thank Caspian Sea Support for their initiative in purchasing materials for the hospital's full-fledged operation.

Sigma Solutions intends to continue providing the necessary comprehensive support to hospitals in order to assist in the prevention and treatment of coronavirus infection.