Teamwork for the benefit of your hometown and its residents - what could be the best motivation in such a difficult period?

Today we would like to share the fact that in addition to the city hospital, we have provided support for the small homeland of our leader Ramazanov Aset for the Kurmangazy district.

Assistance in the delivery of 20 units of oxygen concentrators from Moscow was carried out jointly with a native of the Kurmangazy region Jarbassov Nurasyl, ten of which were distributed to the regional hospital.

While a wide variety of entrepreneurs and companies are making efforts to provide the regional center with everything they need, it should be recognized that the regions do not always have enough attention in providing humanitarian assistance.

In the course of all the work done to deliver humanitarian aid to the district hospital, including oxygen concentrators, pulse oximeters, personal protective equipment, and other critical materials, we have once again become convinced that strength is in unity! In the unity of our common efforts to combat this scourge.